Acerra breit 768

Acerra, picture by friendly permission of Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH

From 1999 to 2002 Mr. Buchhorn was Head of Technology Project Development (BOOT) with BBP Environment Group, part of Deutsche Babcock. His position can be described as „Owner´s Engineer" with the following responsibilities:

  • Concepts to treat refuse in the most economical way
  • cost planning and calculation of gate fees
  • convincing the banks regarding the concept
  • drafting and negotiation of contracts for supply and maintenance
  • Project Management including control of quality, costs, planning and risks

The most important projects were Naples and Campania in Italy. These projects included 7 pre-treatment and composting plants for municipal waste and 2 incinerators for the high calorific fraction of the waste. The total capacity was 2,500,000 ton residue per year.

When Babcock became bankrupt Mr. Buchhorn left the company. At that time (September 2002), 5 pre-treatment and composting plants were in operation. Permissions were granted for the incineration plants, contracts for supplies, maintenance and service were finally negotiated and financial contracts were close to being signed.

Fisia took over the remains of the former BBP Environment and Fisia Babcock was founded. The project was continued by the italian partners of the project, Impregilo and Fisia. The Acerra incineration plant was finally built using the technology of Fisia Babcock. On 26 March 2009 the Acerra incineration plant was officially opened by Prime Minister Berlusconi. In 2015, Fisia Babcock became Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH.

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