Details of 2 of the references:

Biomass-to-Energy reference list

03-2016 ongoing, HVC
Vattenfall, Uppsala, Sweden,
 conversion of peat fired boiler to wood pellets, preparation of ITT and evaluation of tenders, Process Engineer, read more ...

01-2013 ongoing, Carpe Futurum
Vattenfall, Uppsala, Sweden, Basic Design Package and ITT technical specification, evaluation of tenders and technical contract negotiation, read more ...

11-2013 to 07-2014, Märkisches Viertel
Berlin, Germany, commissioning support

06-2013 to 11-2013, WoodSpirit
Delfzijl, Netherlands,
 Bio-Methanol Plant, Netherlands, Technical Support Conceptual Design

06-2013 to 09-2014, Groene Weide
Nuon, Utrecht,
 Netherlands, ITT preparation and checks, tender evaluation

07-2012 to 08-2012, Märkisches Viertel
Berlin, Germany, Consultant QA/QC & team organisation

04-2012 to 12-2012, Groene Weide
Vattenfall, VPC, Utrecht, 
Netherlands, Conceptional Design for Boiler & FGT

03-2011 to 04-201, BtE Delfzijl
Visser & Smit Hanab,
 Netherlands, Engineering Manager proposal

11-2005 to 08-2008, BEC Twence
Hengelo, Netherlands, Project Manager Process, read more ...

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