Biomass-to-Energy references

Holz 1366 200

since 03-2016, HVC, Uppsala Sweden

By this project the fuel of one existing boiler unit (HVC) will be converted from peat to wood pellets. While other units remain in operation, a new pellets unloading, a silo for storage, a new mill house and new wood dust burners will be installed.

  • white pellets as fuel
  • 132 MW firing capacity
  • Contracts placed
  • Site works ongoing
  • end 2018 scheduled start-up

Buchhorn-Projects prepared specifications (ITT documents), evaluated proposals and is now the Purchaser´s Process Engineer to follow the Contractors during engineering and supply of the works.

since 01-2013, CARPE, Uppsala Sweden

Carpe Futurum is a new biomass (wood) utilising plant to provide heat to the Uppsala district heat network, but electricity might also be provided in the future.

  • woody biomass as fuel
  • 100 MW firing capacity
  • 2021 scheduled start-up

Buchhorn-Projects prepared the basic design package and specifications (ITT documents). Contract negotiations with Tenderers just started.
Carpe will be placed on an area currently in use as peat storage (in containers). 


11-2013 to 07-2014, Märkisches Viertel

Vattenfall, Berlin, Germany, commissioning support

06-2013 to 11-2013, Bio-Methanol Plant WoodSpirit

Delfzijl, Netherlands, Technical support during Conceptual Design

06-2013 to 09-2014, Groene Weide Utrecht
04-2012 to 12-2012

Vattenfall / Nuon, Netherlands, Conceptional Design for Boiler & FGT, ITT preparation and checks, tender evaluation. 

07-2012 to 08-2012, Märkisches Viertel

Vattenfall, Berlin, Germany, Consultant QA/QC & team organisation

03-2011 to 04-201, BtE Delfzijl

Visser & Smit Hanab, Netherlands, Engineering Manager during proposal

11-2005 to 08-2008, BEC Twence

Hengelo, Netherlands, Project Manager Process

BEC 1366 400

Mr. Buchhorn followed the BEC Project (Biomassa Elektriciteits Centrale) as Project Manager Process in the project team of the final client Twence. The turn key contractor and technology supplier was Standard Kessel from Duisburg, Germany.

  • B-wood as main fuel
  • 20 t/h throughput
  • 70 MW firing capacity
  • 80 t/h steam production
  • 68 bar, 465°C steam conditions
  • 20 MW electricity production
  • > 27% net efficiency
  • March 2006 start site works
  • 1 Dec. 2006 pressure test
  • 12 Nov. 2007 first fire
  • 22 Oct. 2008 prel. take-over

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