Buchhorn Projects is contracted by Vattenfall to provide services for two biomass projects, both located in Uppsala, Sweden.

HVC conversion

By this project the fuel of one existing boiler unit (HVC) will be converted from peat to wood pellets. This will lead to a major CO2 saving as the pellets are considered CO2 neutral. While other units remain in operation, a new pellets unloading, a silo for storage, a new mill house and new wood dust burners will be installed.

Contracts have been placed for Lot 1, the pellets storage and Lot 2, the milling and combustion of the pellets, including also a new SNCR. Site works have begun.

The firing capacity is about 132 MW.

Scheduled start of operation is in 2018.

Buchhorn-Projects prepared specifications (ITT documents), evaluated proposals and is now the Purchaser´s Process Engineer to follow the Contractors during engineering and supply of the works.


Carpe Futurum is a new biomass (wood) utilising plant to be built in Uppsala. The main purpose of Carpe Futurum is to provide heat to the Uppsala district heat network, but electricity might also be provided in the future.

The firing capacity is about 100 MW.

Scheduled start of operation is in 2021.

Buchhorn-Projects prepared the basic design package and specifications (ITT documents) and evaluation of the proposals will be the next step.

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