DeNOx, SCR & SNCR, Instructor

Alkmaar SCR, Febr. & March 2011

Investigation on possibilities to optimise the SCR plants of HVC Alkmaar, WtE lines 1-3.

Alkmaar SNCR, April to Nov. 2010
Feasibility Study about the application of the SNCR process instead of the existing SCR plant in the WtE lines 1 to 3 of HVC Alkmaar.

Instructor / Trainer, March & August 2010
Training sessions to Escom Southafrica, applying a case study for the 6 x 600 MW Majuba Power Station, including definition of process data, calculation of main data and development of a draft layout.

ZAVIN, Dec. 2009 to April 2010
Clinical waste incineration plant ZAVIN in Dordrecht, Netherlands: Consultancy and support to the client during Trial Run and start of commercial operation of the improved DeNOx plant.

Instructor / Trainer, April 2008
Instructor during SCR training session held by Steinmüller Engineering in Guiyang, China for the Jinyuan Groep.

Support to Steinmüller Engineering, July to Sept. 2005
Support to Steinmüller Engineering during development of their DeNOx activities. Collection  and summary of the present know-how and available documents. Preparation of design software to calculate the necessary catalyst volume of the SCR reactor and outline of a standard design handbook.


From 1984 to 1989 Mr. Buchhorn was Project Engineer in the DeNOx Projects & Sales department of the company L.& C. Steinmüller.

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