Energy Studies & Power Plants 

Buchhorn-Projects works on Power Plants and provides e.g. Energy studies to optimise plant operation and to decide on the best parameters for plant design. Aiming for the most economical operation is of special interest if not only electricity but also steam and heat supply is under discussion. This exercise is done with standard software to provide a working tool for the plant operators.

Energy studies & Power plants reference list


SITA, WtE Roosendaal, Netherlands, "Feasibility study on biogas application"

03-2012 to 10-2012
Dutch / UK EPC Contractor, BtE Avonmouth, UK, Interface Manager proposal turbine island

06-2011 to 08-2012
SITA, WtE Roosendaal, Netherlands, Consultant "Heat and Electricity Supply"

11-2010 to 02-2011
HVC Dordrecht, Netherlands, Consultant "Heat and Steam Supply"

06-2010 to 06-2011
SITA, Sleco plant Doel (Antwerp), Belgium, Consultant "Optimisation thermal process"

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