Alkmaar 1024

The 4th line in Alkmaar, Netherlands is part of the personal history and experience of Mr. Bernd Buchhorn. 

In October 2002 Mr. Buchhorn started working for Electrowatt Ekono (today Pöyry) and became Project Manager Process for the HVC Alkmaar 4th line municipal waste incinerator in North Holland, Netherlands.

The plant, having a throughput of 27 t/h of waste and 75 MW thermal incineration capacity was build next to line 3 during uninterrupted operation.

Mr. Buchhorn was responsible for compliance with contract conditions, costs, planning, quality control and coordinated the completion, trial run and handover of the project.

The 4th line was successfully put into operation on time, within budget and fullfilling the owner´s expectations. Technology supplier of the incineration, boiler and flue gas treatment was VonRoll.

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