Holz 256x128

03-2016 ongoing
Vattenfall, Uppsala BtE, Sweden, project "H
VC", conversion of peat fired boiler to wood pellets, preparartion of ITT documents and evaluation of tenders

01-2013 ongoing
Vattenfall, Uppsala BtE, Sweden, project "Carpe Futurum", preparation of Basic Design Package and ITT technical specification, evaluation of tenders and technical contract negotiation. Read more ...

11-2013 to 07-2014
Vattenfall, Märkisches Viertel BtE, Berlin, Germany, commissioning support

06-2013 to 11-2013
"WoodSpirit" Delfzijl, Bio-Methanol Plant, Netherlands, Technical Support Conceptual Design

06-2013 to 09-2014
Nuon, BtE Utrecht "Groene Weide“, Netherlands, ITT preparation and checks, tender evaluation

07-2012 to 08-2012
Vattenfall, Märkisches Viertel BtE, Berlin, Germany, Consultant QA/QC & team organisation

04-2012 to 12-2012
Vattenfall, VPC, BtE Utrecht "Groene Weide“, Netherlands, Conceptional Design for Boiler & FGT

03-2011 to 04-2011
Visser & Smit Hanab, BtE Delfzijl, Netherlands, Engineering Manager proposal

11-2005 to 08-2008
BEC Twence Hengelo, Netherlands, Project Manager Process,
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Abfallhalde 256x128

02-2012 to 03-2012
German EPC Contractor, Hazardeous Waste Incineration, Turkey, General Project Manager (project stopped due to external reasons)

01-2012 to 02-2012
ZAVIN Dordrecht, Netherlands, Pre-feasibility study "Liquid Waste Incineration" 

08-2011 to 10-2011
HVC Dordrecht, WtE #5, Netherlands, Stop Manager of 1st maintenance stop,

read more ...

04-2010 to 08-2010
Visser & Smit Hanab, WtE Norfolk, UK, Engineering Manager proposal

10-2006 to 08-2011
HVC Dordrecht, WtE #5, Netherlands, Project Manager Process,
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02-2006 to 06-2006
HVC Dordrecht, WtE #5, Netherlands, Consultant, Conceptional Design & Budget,
read more ...

09-2005 to 09-2006
Steinmüller Engineering, Germany, Interim Manager Waste to Energy

07-2005 to 08-2005
Macau Refuse Incineration Plan, Macau, Integrated Engineer, read more ...

02-2005 to 06-2005
City of Beijing, KfW Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, China, Consultant for Nangong WtE Project, read more ...

POWER read more ...

Majuba 256x128

SITA, WtE Roosendaal, Netherlands, "Feasibility study on biogas application"

03-2012 to 10-2012
Dutch / UK EPC Contractor, BtE Avonmouth, UK, Interface Manager proposal turbine island

06-2011 to 08-2012
SITA, WtE Roosendaal, Netherlands, Consultant "Heat and Electricity Supply"

11-2010 to 02-2011
HVC Dordrecht, Netherlands, Consultant "Heat and Steam Supply"

06-2010 to 06-2011
SITA, Sleco plant Doel (Antwerp), Belgium, Consultant "Optimisation thermal process"

DeNOx, SCR & SNCR, INSTRUCTOR read more ...

02-2011 to 03-2011
HVC Alkmaar, WtE #1-3, Netherlands, Consultant "Optimisation of SCR"

04-2010 to 11-2010
HVC Alkmaar, WtE #1-3, Netherlands, "Feasibility study SNCR to replace SCR" 

03-2010 & 08-2010
Steinmüller Engineering, Escom, South Africa, DeNOx Instructor during SCR training session

12-2009 to 04-2010
ZAVIN Dordrecht (clinical waste incineration), Netherlands, Consultant „Improvement of DeNOx plant“

Steinmüller Engineering, Jinyuan, China, DeNOx Instructor during SCR training session

07-2005 to 09-2005
Steinmüller Engineering, Germany, Support on DeNOx Technology

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